torsdag 7 augusti 2014

Space Wolves, again

Once again I feel the pull of the Space Wolves. It was the first army I painted some 20 years ago and I have always liked them due to their individuality and opportunities for making interesting models. Now with the release of the Space Wolves Codex I once again feel an urge to paint some Wolves. A few years ago I bought some Grey hunters/blood claws/ Wolf guards and some Wolfe Guard Terminators.
For some reason I did paint al but one Terminator all those years ago. I tried to go for a darker and more grim look  than your standard blue grey, but I was not really happy with them. I think I made them to dark and it is hard to see the details of the model. So I thought that I would have a go and test a new lighter scheme with the last remaining Terminator. I started with Fenrisian Grey as a base instead of The Fang, and it looked promising. During the dry brush stage I brought the colour almost up to white and I almost worried that they would look more white then Blue grey. But as I started to paint in al the details the model mysteriously turned darker and darker. In the end it ended up almost the same colour that I had before... ? I am still not happy with the recipe, I think that there is not enough contrast between the raised areas and the recesses. So I am still not sure that I would like to invest the time, money and effort of starting a new Space Wolves army until I have a killer colour scheme going. Might have to get me some more basic troop and practise on though.
Well, we will see. There are so many models I would like to paint and starting a new army is probably not the best idea.

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