torsdag 14 augusti 2014

Fallen Dark Angel terminator captain and heavy weapon Grey knight

The other day I just played around with some unused Grey Knight and Death wing models. I got the idea to make a Fallen Dark angel captain using one of the great sword from the Grey knight kit. I also gave him a cloak of "power sensors" from the knight flails. Once I had done that I got the idea to stick the plasma canon from the Death wing set onto a grey knight with one of the special weapons from that kit. I have no idea if Grey Knights actually can have heavy weapons, but I doubt it as there are no normal heavy weapons on the sprues. Well I made one any way. For some reason I decided to give him a short sword in the other hand as well as the flamer type weapon...  I think it looked better in my head then in reality.

Well I did some painting. The Fallen dark angel turned out a bit grey, not as black as the rest of them but I think I will leave him lake this. I could try to add some more black was or some black in but the risk is that I will have to re do the armour if I fail and I do not want to repaint the rest of the model as it took me two nights to paint.
In contrast to this the grey knight only took two to three hours to do. Apart from the slightly funky build it turned out ok.

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