söndag 31 augusti 2014

A place away from home

With my job keeping me away three days a week I do not get so much time to paint with all other stuff that needs doing once I get home. To remedy this I decided to set up a small painting station in my overnight apartment. This setup only has about half of the paint I normally use so I am restricted in what I can paint. It also has no real modeling capacity so I will need to bring pre-dissembled models with me that has been sprayed. So before setting this new station up I thought about what I could paint that did not require all my paints. The choice was between pre heresy dark angels as they are mostly black, but they also have some reds, greens and browns, the other was Blood letters and blood crushers. They are in principle red, but my paint scheme goes from black to yellow over red, so there are quite a few colors in there. In the end I settled for the Blood letters.So I built the remaining ones I had but I also got some skull crushers that I converted into marines riding juggernauts.

One I had every thing in place I started out painting some blood letters, and I must say, frosting is the bane of drybrushing. Not only had I bought new paints I also bought new brushes, and I must say, GW brushes are not good. Well the fist models got a lot of frosting as I had not gotten used to the new brushes and how they deposited colors. In the pic with the sword arms one can see the progress top to bottom. Well I have been painting away and I am getting better. The models are still in peaces as I do not have any glue. It is also easier to transport them like this so I will probably only paint the parts here and then assemble them once I get home. Also the lighting is not to good and I am using my phone to take pictures... so all in all, it is a place away form home but it is not home.

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