måndag 11 februari 2013

What have I been doing?

Once more it has been all to long since my last update, so what have I been up to? Well several things as it turns out. Before the launch of the Dark Angels codex I was happily painting away on my Dark Vengeance models, painting them up in a nice Fallen/pre Heresy black. But as I mentioned in my last post it was a bit depressing having to was my nice grey shading with black and lose most of the work. After trying out my Desert Eagles scheme on the DW terminator set I decided that I would include some DA models in my Dessert Eagles army as it already contains models from some different sources. So I have been painting some of them. But at the same time as I got these my Christmas present from my wife showed up in a bit late delivery from GW, so I had a Hell Drake to assemble and prepp. Now, I do like the model but it is to much of a fantasy dragon and the pose it not very dynamic, so I started to re-arrange the parts. I moved some of the smaller wings to make a tail, which I think makes it look more like a bird. I also exchanged the head for the one left over from my Forge Mauler Fiend. This gives it more of a fell best from lord of the rings look, and keeps it tied in with the wh40k theme better. I will also go with the curved body, extending one side of the wings upward and one side downward and also extending the rear claws downward so that I get the pose of a hunting bird of prey, coming around in a tight bend to strike its target. As this is a present from my wife I will take my time with it to make it as good as possible.

So as this was not enough I also had some DV models started, DW termis and some milita and a chaos model that I needed to finish of.
Then I could not help my self, I have long been planing what to do with my Bastions that I got along with my Knight project. Together with a GW imperial sector kit they will be forget into a space marine chapter hose. This is a fortified cathedral erected where a space marine chapter force is deployed for a longer stay. It consists of a pre fabricated plast steel bunker in four stories, three underground and one above. Atop the bunker are stratagemium chambers and a gathering hall. It will also eventually boost two soaring towers topped with mighty space marine statues. The whole building is currently broken down into manageable blocks for painting so it looks a bit ramshackle. Lastly I found an old Land speeder that I had started about the same time that I started the Desert Eagles marines which must be some 10 years ago o so. Since I think about including some RW models in the army I also started painting this model.
Then  I also have worked on the Knight project, where I turned the last Knight in to heavy support as I did not want to make another light version.

All in all I have had a bit to many projects and models running, I am now trying to finish of what I have started and go back to have one minor model to paint along side the larger projects and try to not start any more massive painting jobs.

I have added some pictures taken in the cabinets and from my work space. Some of them has bad lighting but it will have to do for now. Enjoy until next time.

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