måndag 18 februari 2013

No saving this one!

Some times there just is no saving  a model, no amount of painting will make it a great model. This one is a land speeder that I got in the starter set way back when the new plastic marines and land speeder got introduced. I did not like the new speeder compared to the "old new" one. The old new one was a clear improvement over the glorified jumpack suicide speeder of the rouge trader days but it was still like a jet bike rather then a small aircraft. Well any way, I did not like the shoe, and I am not sure that I do now either. But back in the day I did try to spice things up a bit by rearranging some parts and building a new front. Not my best conversion work, and so I also thought at the time, since it ended up in a bits box...    over the years it lost some pieces and got warped but I still keept it around as a potential. Now that I am contemplating including some "Desert Wind" riders in my Desert Eagles army I wanted to try it out and see what they might look like, but no amount of painting can save this model so I did a quick paint job on it and I think I will leave it at that. It will go into the back ranks at the bottom of the cabinet and I will by new speeders if I need some. Still might to some conversion work on them though.

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