söndag 17 februari 2013

Desert Eagles Command squad

Now I have painted up the Desert Eagles Command squad using my new colour scheme and the Death Wing terminators. I really like how the turned out. I think I might get more of the Da models in the future to add to this army. I am also looking at the sanguinary guards for some nice jump troops to go with the angelic theme. I will also have to make my self a commander in terminator armour to go with command squad.

Fluff wise the terminators belongs to the Eagles Claw, the elite strike team of the Desert Eagels, much alike to the Dark angels death wing (will be played as DW with the DA codex.

The models might not be exactly true to the codex entry with the equipment. I did mostly put them together to look good. Especially the banner man, I can accept the back banners for individuals but the army standard should be carried in your hands so that it can be taken over by some else if you fall.

I do have some more ideas of what to include in the army in the future but we will see when that happens, there are currently so many nice models out there that I would like to paint, but at the same time I already have quite a lot of models already to paint.

Well, the next thing will be to finish the last of my fallen DA termis so that that squad also will be done.

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