onsdag 8 mars 2023

Death Guard

For the last few weeks I have been away with work so there has not been any real progress with my minis. These Death Guards has been hanging around my desk for a year or more and only needed som last details before I could finish them. For being starter minis and mono pose they do look quite ok. I am not overly fond of painting the organic stuff but I enjoy the white armour and the rusted iron parts. I thing these where the last of the "normal" soldiers and now I only have the charters left, and the Blight drone. We will see when I get around to doing them.

Over all I am working on finishing stuff. For years now I have had a section of the hobby room ocupied by half build models that have just been waiting for me to finish them. It has been really nice to see the Dominaus Knight and the King in the North getting done. Now I only have five armigers left before I can clear the table and set up Opus there (now Oupus is on the floor, which is kind of un inspiring), but those will have to wait a bit as I am currently working on my Birthday gift from my wife... but more on that later.

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