söndag 12 februari 2023

King in the North done

Well that went quicker than expected. The armour plates were fun to paint so perhaps I pushed a bit harder on these than what I have done previously. All in all I think it turned out nicely. There is for sure places where I am not happy with my sculpting, and places where I could have though a head more. But from afar it looks good. I think the amount of added details tend to blur things so that no individual thing sticks out as being off.

I am also very happy with the stance... only thing I would have done differently is to use a fully custom base instead off adding to the "normal" plastic ones. As it is it looks a bit wonky with the front foot sticking out over the base. Originally I also have a piece sticking out behind the back foot. This was removed as it looked very out of place. Well it is what it is now. On to the next one... or something.

I still have some War glaives on the desk that needs to be finished, perhaps that is up next...  and I definitely need to finish the Deathguard marines that has been on my desk, half painted, for close to half a year? Then I probably should start on Surtur... he has also been sitting on the desk for quite some time (waiting for me to finish Fenrir)...  mostly the head but still...  and I till have a Acastus Porphyron and a Cerastus Atrapos to do... 

3 kommentarer:

  1. Quite exquisite. The pose is fantastic, there is an aura of competence and the promise of effective action, all with your usual impecable finish.

  2. Such an amazing piece - I love the post, the sculpting and your colours!