måndag 7 mars 2022

Blade guard Captain

This week I finished the Priamris Captain from the indominus box. I am not sure if he is also a blade guard as the others equipped with blade and shield, but I will call him a Blade Guard Captain as I have other captains in the collection.

As a model it is very similar to the rest of the Balde Guards from the box and fit in well with the rest. I choose to use the senic base and also to put the downed necron on it. The colour scheme is the same as for the rest of the smurfs except that I played around with using two shades of blue on the armour instead of just one. I am not sure that it made that much of a difference in the end as the metallic dominates the appearance of the colour. I am not sure I am that happy with the gold, for some reason I does not turn out as I wish it would and I do not know why. Also the amount of bone and parchment on the shield gives it a bit of a same same look, especially together with the golden rim. On the blade guards I use a blue white face on the shield which I skipped here, might have to go back and add it to give it some more variety.

The sculpt is as with he other very nice. There are some obvious places where the pushfit design is obvious and a more traditional design would have looked better, but over all a very nice character model that really stands out in the crowd.

Now I will start work on my birthday present from my wife, BeLakor, the dark master. This is a model I have had my eye on for some time but have not gotten around to paint. Well, now it is time.

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  1. He looks good. Very interested to see how Belaqueur turns out.