söndag 20 mars 2022

BeLakor WIP

The last few weeks I have been working on BeLakor. This is a fantastic model and really shows what is possible to do with current CAD designs and injection casting. It took me two or three sessions just to get all the pieces separated from the sprues, cleaned up and assembled for painting. The joints in the base are well hidden and does not require any extra work, but Belakor him self has a few quite obvious joints  on the back and hips. I filled these with GS and I think I made a decent job of hiding them.

When it comes to paint this is a real challenge as there is just so much details everywhere and it easy to miss some and you have to go back and fix them. For colours I went with a black brown scheme. I have long thought about doing some skin that has lighter parts, like what you would see on some animals, instead of doing a homogeneous colour all across the model. In this case I choose to make the chest and stomach in a lighter shade of brown then the rest of the body and the legs more of a black grey tone. I did the same for the wings with a lighter shade in the middle, toning towards back at the bones.

I also went with my rusted metal look for all the chains and will carry that on to the armour (can see BeLakor sitting around polishing his armour so it would be a bit grimy).

There are a tone of skulls on this model and I added some extra form the skull sett just to fill out the base. Not sure what Khorne thinks about that. I also choose to go with a blue power/lava stream on the base instead of blood/lava stream that is on the box art just to get some colour that breaks with the brown black.

I also added the fallen spacemarine to the base and did him in my Ultra Smurf scheme. 

BeLakor is starting to take shape and I am looking forward to seeing him with his wings on but he will require a few more sessions before he is done.

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  1. Coming together nicely. Looking forward to seeing more progress.