söndag 12 september 2021

Back mounted Laser Blaster for Fenrir

This week saw the completion of the back mounted Laser Blaster for Fenrir. I tried to paint it the same way I did with the Laser Blaster for Varangian, so that if I need I can run a legit build for my Warlord (in that case Fenrir would get the Apocalypse missile launcher also making a legit build). But for now I am keeping with the rule of cool (in my opinion).

I have also, almost finished building and GS-ing the arm Laser Blasters so that will be next. Then it is only the armour plates left and the titan is done. I am so close to finishing this quick build, I can almost smell it.

1 kommentar:

  1. 'tis a thing of beauty.

    Looking forward to seeing it someday.