fredag 26 februari 2021


 After finally getting Fenrir on his legs I sort of needed a break from the titan so I looked through the different boxes hanging around in the to do bin and decided it was time to try out the Judiciar. I must say that I really like this model. It has a very strong presence and an almost arrogant stance. Some people have an issue with the sword lacking a tip, which is only a problem if the fighting style includes a lot of thrusts. 

Any way...  I decided to keep the color palette simple on this model. When I did the lord executioner for my crimson marines, I almost did leave all the bone parts metal after the initial dry brush, but in the end I opted for a more traditional bone color. So I this case I intentionally did go this way, leaving the ribs and all the skulls etc metal. The base armor got the same treatment as Saint Katherine, i.e. a metallic dark green which I found worked nice to give some depth to the black. I think I might have done the same to Abaddon at some point. The robe is my normal leather but with a nuln wash instead of agrax. I also kept the sword and time glass in white metal and only added color to the sword handle and the Judiciar's eyes. As there aren't that many colors I could spend some time on each to build up the layers for depth and contrast. I also tried to use some NMM techniques on the metals, similar to what I did for the dreadtober challange. I might call that MNMM as it is a NMM technique using metallic paints. In the end I also added an Omega to his shoulder as he will be tagging along with the rest of my ultra smurfs. I also did try to free hand some minute skulls on there but it did not end well... I will leave them there for now though.

Over all I am very happy with how he turned out.

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  1. Nice, is he a Primaris Marine ?

    1. Yes, I assume so. He came with a lot of other Primaris Marines.