lördag 5 december 2020

Canoptek Wraith

Last week I painted some necrons as a way of doing something simple after the Lard Discordant, and ques what, I got hocked. I have never really liked the Necron fluff as they seamed a bit forced when they appeared first time around. They were the undead in space, pulling a terminator theme of human extermination. Since they they have kind of evolved with some retconning, getting some variety and personality. But, the models are looking great and they are great fun to paint, and as I have a bunch of em laying around from some of the GW boxes I though I would paint them.

This time it was one of the Canoptek Wraiths from the Forge bane box that I got my eye on. And as I am not into this for the playing I need to do two Necron warriors with any other interesting model if I am to get them all painted. My first concern was how to build the Wraith. I have lost the build instruction and there are a lot of parts for these so I did not want to gamble with the assembly by just improvising. So a quick google later and I have a pdf with the instructions. After running back and forth between the hobby room and the computer I had it built and in disassembled in suitable pieces for painting. The two warriors were just the next in line in the Indomitus instruction.

All in all it was quite a quick paint job as there are not that much else to paint then the rust colored metal. Just the eyes and globes and then it was done. I am a bit concerned about the pose and the balance of the model. It does stand on its own but it is kind of top and front heavy. So I might need to glue in some counter weights in the back of the base.

Well that is it for now. I need to get going with my titans and knights so that I can tidy up some parts of the hobby room.

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