söndag 23 februari 2020

Saint Arabella

Not much to report this week. I have been slowly chipping away at a multitude of projects and it is only saint Arabella that has made it to the photo range...

As for the paint scheme it is not much to report either, it is black on black with some more black. I would have wished that the all saints would have been more like Katarine were the armor is more prominent and could have been painted in the respective order color. But as it is it is just black robes and some small parts sticking out.

And as usual I have to protest against the "special effects" on the model. I do not like when they add smoke etc that needs to be painted but can't be painted realistically...  but that is what it is...  but if some designer is reading this by mistake... please make the smoke etc optional...

Well, next up is Fenrir's head... I finished the GS work and have started painting. I am doing this as a test piece to see if the whole armor peeling of thing works or not. If it works I will add it to the rest of the armor panels.

2 kommentarer:

  1. That head is a work of art.

    Is that other kit the one with the saint on a grav stretcher ?

    1. Thanks, and it will look even better painted. Will have pictures soon.

      And yes, that is the model with the stretcher. I am painting the models one at a time. I will not show it with all om them until everything is done though.