söndag 8 september 2019

Pre-Heresy Dark Angels

Did a bit of cleaning around the work space and finished up these guys that have been hanging around there for a year or two. These were painted as a batch of four instead of being painted individually which is the way I usually do things. And, sorry to say, it shows. For some reason the painting is not as crisp as with the others. It might have to do with doing so many of each piece at the same time that I can not keep the focus up. So that is a lesson learned. Do not paint more than one or two models at a time. I am really glad that I am not painting an entire army of these...  or,... there are still 45 guys left in the boxes... .

Now of to some knights... and some new titans... and then there are some more skitarii and thalaxes and...  well that will be for another time.

I must remember why I paint and not get caught up in the "collecting army" mode. Problem with being a sort of well paid adult is that you can buy more models than you can paint.

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