onsdag 12 juli 2017


A few month ago I gave Saint Celestine to my wife as a birthday present. I told here that either she could paint it herself  to match her other sisters in her army, or I could paint it and try to match it to her earlier models. She opted for the latter option so this is kind of a commission work as she got to decided on the colors etc.
Her old models are silver with red and purple cloth, white casings on the guns and straight silver blades.

So I set to work. My basic silver painting scheme gives a slightly darker and more contrast rich color as I start form black and work my way to wards the brightest silver instead of starting with a metal base paint. So Celestine and here body guards are a bit darker. I stuck with the purple cloth, adding perhaps a bit brighter high lights, giving the fabric a more glossy look. For the wings my wife requested white but with the colored effect I earlier used on Magnus and Ahriman. For the blades I also used a multi-color blend even if it is very subtle. All in all I and most importantly, my wife, is happy with the outcome. I could have wished that some of effects might have been optional and that the models were not on the "flight" stands, but these are otherwise lovely models and if the mythical plastic sisters ever show up I might have to paint myself an army.

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  1. I do like (but couldn't justify buying) those models - and the way you've managed the light in that first picture is just brilliant !

  2. Thanks, It is to bad you need to by all the other models to get to the ones you like. But the quality of the current plastic characters is superb.