söndag 16 juli 2017

A titans foot fall

This must be a fist for me, finishing, or at least starting a base before the actual model. Well, to be true I have started painting the insides of Varangian but that is also not FW parts, I still need to get some paint on resin. This is about as far as I am going to get with the base until the feet are attached and I can do the final parts. I think the foot print worked out fine, some of the detail of the underside of the foot can be seen and I hope that it will be visible also with the foot in place. Normally I do my bases using natural sand and do not paint them. In this case there were a lot of the plaster showing through the sand in the foot print. So I had to try and paint it in color that match and also give the prints some more contrast. The chimera is supposed to be an abandoned wreck, left by the rode side, until it gets step on by a Warlord. It turned out nicely, it really has that rusted and abandoned look about it, I might need to clean it up a bit as it looks quite messy. The colors for this was choose so that the model would not stand out on the base. I do not like when the base overpowers the model it should support. Next up is to start painting the feet and legs of the titan.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Oh that Chimera does look good. Excellent job.

  2. This is so perfect mate, the squash you've got on the Chimera and the broken up asphalt look amazing!