måndag 17 april 2017

Easter egg, WIP

So its been Easter. I managed to take some time off from work last week and set about working on some things needed for the house. These are things I have been postponing for close to a year now so it was time. This meant that I did not have much time to paint anything as most my time was taken be house work. Then, just before this weekend I got an Easter egg from my wife. In it was a lot of small plastic pieces and some heart shaped chocolate. After an initial survey I concluded that Ahriman was hiding in the egg, and as I had finished most of the things with the house that I set out to do I treated myself to some hobby time over the holidays. I am not quite done with him yet as I still need to finish the flying disc, but I thought I would show some WIP pictures. I decided to do him in a similar fashion to Magnus, with the multi color metals and pastel cloak instead of the blue armor of the original. I think it turned out ok, some of the colors are not as I intended as I realized a lot of my paints as gone bad and does not behave as they should. Hopefully I can finish him in the days to come.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hey mate,

    Just catching up on the blog, the last post I saw was 'knee surgery', you've been doing some great stuff on the Varangian and I love the easter Ahriman, such a sweet treat from your wife!

    Keep up the great work, I love seeing the work you create!


  2. Thanks. I would have hoped that I had done more on Varangian but at least I have started painting. And my wife insists on me painting Zeentch stuff, as it is more colorful than my usual palette, so there are more models coming there to. Just hope to get to a place were I can focus and finish models.