söndag 17 maj 2015

Thallax cohort

I finally got around to ordering some Forge World stuff and are they gorgeous, a bit steep on the price but the level of detail is amazing. I bought some mechanicum stuff that I will be painting parallel to the plastic kits I started some weeks ago. The paint scheme will be similar to my Scitarii and the Skitarii rangers/vanguards. I really like the more classic military colours with a uniform green that I can chip and rust and that in itself brings out the details of the model without adding to many clashing colour fields to distract the eye. My mechanicum forces are growing and it might be that they end up being the largest of my factions.

Talking mechanicum sort of ties in to this weeks large reveal, the Warlord Titan, which is sort of one of those things that I never thought would become a reality. And I think it will remain a fantasy for most people as the price-tag for that model is staggering. It is actual more than what I paid for all three of the titans I already have, which where a lot of money, so it truly is a collectors piece.

Well, I will stick to the slightly more affordable kits for now and we will see what happens in the future.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I like that drab armour, and the blue paint on the Visor is a nice touch and different to the endless black ones you see about the place.

  2. Thanks. I really like how they turned out.