lördag 2 maj 2015

Bloodthirster, done

 Finally! These new CAD sculpts are great, but there is almost too much details. I think my take on the bloodthirster turned out ok. I gave him two axes instead of the whip/chain hammer thing and added the whip as a tail instead. I thin k this gives it a more aggressive and dynamic look. I also opted not to have to much of the armour on the chest as I was so happy with how the skin turned out with al the muscles and such on the torso. This also gives it a more feral/barbarian look with just the loincloth, belt and thigh armour. I am also very happy with how the wings turned out. I was afraid that the khorne symbols would look to out of place on the membranes and that the membranes would look to different from the skin colour of the wing-bones. There are some small things to touch up and so but in essence it is done.

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