tisdag 30 december 2014

Hell Lord WIP

To day I finished the build of the Hell Lord. It came about quite abruptly. I was working along with the green stuff and suddenly I could not think a any place on the model where more green stuff was needed, so I concluded that it was done. Sure, I might have added some more detail, but it was not sure that it would improve the model.  So I laid al the pieces out and cleaned them up for paint. Once I got them sprayed I just had to start with the paint. I choose the legs and the armour plates so see how it would turn out. These are some of the parts that I have put most conversion work into so if they do not turn out well, the rest of the model will not look good. There is still some touch ups to do but once mocked up the legs look god and when put next to each other like they will be on the model they really look good so I am happy.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Nice conversion. Looking forward to also seeing what you do with the tank track part...

  2. Thanks, it took some time and now that I have started painting I am noting things that I would do differently if I where to make a new attempt, but I think it is turning out well. As for the track units I have started to build an artillery piece from those and some other bane blade parts I have... we will see when I get time to get around to that.