lördag 27 december 2014

Hell Lord WIP

So, Christmas is at an end and soon also this year will see its final day. But before that I happens would like to get some more build time into the Hell Lord. We had family visiting over Christmas so the amount of hobby time has been close to zero, but now I will have some days free so I will try to get as much done to the Hell Lord as I can. It does however take time as there is quite a lot of green stuffing to do and as I keep putting my fingers on areas I have already worked on I have to stick to one or two areas at a time, which makes the process slow. Today I got some work in on the shield. As this is originally the plough blade of the Lord of skulls, the back side is not really detailed so I had to add some structure to the otherwise flat areas. I will go over these with greens stuff to close the gaps and make it smoother. I will probably also add some rivets. I also built the brackets that will hold the shield to the arm.

I am also starting to place the arms that will hold the wings from the Hell Drake. I have to fit them in between the back shield, back of the Hell drake, and the Lord of skull torso with the shoulder guards. This is not as easy as I thought it would be. The arms has to armour pieces that make them much bulkier than when I tried them with just the arms. So I had trim away some pistons on the arms to get them into the sockets and still have the direction I need to make the wings point in the right direction. I also had to take away part of the should guard ledge on the back side.

It is slowly coming together and I have to pace myself not to think it is done before it is done. It is always to easy to lose some details at the end just because it feels ready and it would be a shame if I made that mistake with this model as I have already spent quite some time to let it mature. But I am pleased with how it is shaping up,

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