söndag 30 november 2014

Grey Knights update

 I usually do not go back to a model that did not turn out as I had hoped, instead I tend to build a new one and hope that it will be better the second time around. However, the Grey knights that I bought a while back was never meant to be a large number of models, I just got inspired when the Lord Inquisitor trailer came up. I made a plasma carrying guy with a flamer on the other hand and a short blade. It all looked better in my head than what the model turned out to be. So I decided , that since I don't have or plan top have more than this squad of Grey Knights I might as well fix it. So I removed the flamer and replaced it with a power fist. At the same time I assembled the last two remaining models, a sergeant and the banner man. The sergeant got painted together with the replacement arm, the banner man will be up next. I might by more boxes of grey knight for the parts in the future and as such might end up with more of these guys any way. We will see.

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