söndag 13 oktober 2013

Dropship painting started

Finally I have started painting on the dropship. It will be painted up in the Desert Eagles colours but I am thing about adding some free hand to it to cover some of the larger surfaces with more detail. I started out with the nose and the pilots and then I went for the CIC and door gunners. Over all I am happy with how it turned out and I am excited to see how the whole thing looks painted. I will paint the interior first then glue the roof and tail in before starting on the outside of the hull. In this way I get coherent painting on the outside while still being able to paint the inside. Just have to make sure that no paint slips in to the interior though. I am down with a cold so we will see how much painting I can get in this week. Other wise I am travelling quite a lot with work right now so I cant get that much painting done. And then there is the house that needs attention. But it will soon be winter and that is the time when I can get the most painting done as I can't do to much on the house or garden. I hope to have finished the dropship before Christmas together with some mechanicum stuff that is almost ready for paint. Then I will focus a bit more on the Opus Magna. I did have a sprint with that one get most of the ideas that I had for the lower levels done. Now it is just to fill the gaps with GS and then on to detailing. I do not want to rush that part and I need to see how the detailing on the dropship turns out once painted before committing to that.

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