söndag 11 mars 2012

Space Wolves prt2

After last weeks attempt to paint a Space Wolf I just had to find out if the color scheme and painting technique was good enough to work on "standard miniatures". So I bought a Space Wolf pack and some Wolf Guard terminators. At this point I will just assemble them on an individual basis (disregarding the rules and any unit sizes) and paint them up as either, grey hunters, wolf guard, blood claws or any other space wolf I can think of. I am not building a new army, yet, I am just trying out the colors.

That being said, the models are very well suited for the painting style. There are lots of fine details making drybrushing a simple method of picking them out. And it also means that I don't have to use a blade on them to get some more contrast. The models shown are still work in progress but I thought that I would show them and hopefully get some feed back (not on their legality) but on the color scheme and painting.

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