söndag 11 mars 2012

Space Wolves prt2 update

Just a quick update. I just finished a Blood Claw with a jump pack. Originally I used the old GW jumpacks for my blood claws, the ones that looked like they had two fans on the back. I like this look better than the current jump pack with the forward looking intakes. Well I did not have any of the old ones left (but I think FW is doing some no) so I found some jump packs from an independent company (maxmini) at the local hobby store. They are about twice the size of the original and look somewhat over dimnensioned. They are also mounted at an angel compared to the back plate putting them quite high and pointing backwards giving the model a strange balance. So I think I either will have to get some FW jumppacks if I am to do more of this or I will have to re-position the fans on the ones I got or even split them so that each marine only has one fan mounted centered on the back. Other wise I am a bit at a loss about how to get the red and yellow blodclaw pattern to look ok. They tend to be very bright and do not go well together with the dark color scheme of my Space Wolves. Well this is just some trials so I still can make changes to the look. This is it for now.

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