måndag 13 juni 2011

More insides

After a family night around the painting table I have some progress to show on the Reaver, I Finally managed to paint the last of the internal panels. I will probably not glue it together right now so that I can go back and work them over one more time before closing it up. Sadly the insides of the Reaver is not as accessible as the inside of the war hound. This means that once put together it will not be possible to view most of the work I have done on the insides, so it is good to have this blog so that I can go back and have a look at it in the future. I have also started to work on the legs of the next warhound. It is fascinating how much one can get done in an evening if one has several parallel things to paint on. The Knight also got some details painted but not enough to show yet. This will be all for now, until later then...

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