söndag 19 juni 2011


This week I have started to paint the legs of Wolfish Perversion, the second war hound. Since I have shown quite a lot of pictures of the war hound legs during the painting of Unbearable Desiere I will not post pictures of these until they are finished. So instead I will present my defiler knight that is now base painted. I will go over it at some point and add some final details. I will also keep it handy if I need to test some thing before putting it on the titans. I am quite happy with how it turned out. There are some things that I will change for the next one. The feet will be modified to get some more range of motion. I will also putt the driver cockpit further back in to the main body. The next version will also be a close combat version featuring power fists and an enclosed cockpit. I also have a more traditional Defieler that I painted some years ago. I thought that I would present it here as a comparison. This defiler has also been modified to some extent. I did not like the battle cannon sticking out of the chest so I made and arm of it together with the battle cannon from a leman russ. This defiler is part of my Khorne battle group, making up part of my mercenary chaos force. Well, I will be back with some more process photos from the titans later in the week.

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