söndag 8 maj 2011

Unbearable Desire

Unbearable Desire is finally painted, at least ground painted. Now I just have to go back over all individual peaces and do final detailing, weathering and so on. There are also the spinal spikes to do but it is now in a state that I can bring it to the battlefield to see what kind of damage it will do. Now I think it is time to move on to the other titans for a while. I am thinking about starting with the internals of Joluns Wrath (the reaver). I might also start out with the legs of Wolfish Perversion (second warhound), I have not decided. I also have to start with another project that I have been postponing for a while. This is however not a Wh40k thing so that will be posted on our other blog (agiscraft.blogspot.com). During this time my progress on the titans will probably somewhat limited, but fear not, I will not give up on them. I also have the Knight to finish, it is mostly painted but awaits some detailing.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Man this is probably the most lifelike and predatory pose I have ever seen on a Warhound Titan.


  2. Thanks, I really like the pose and I think it will look nice together with the other two titans. However, it is sad that the resin dont hold up to the weight of the upper body, After a while the back foot toes start to come up of the ground and it stats to become slightly unbalanced. After a week or so without the upper body the legs returns to the original pose. I might have to make some support for it during storage in the cabinets. It would be sad if I would to have to been stored in peaces.

  3. Yeah no doubt indeed, a model like that needs to stay built.

    Love your blog and will be following closely from now on. I want to get a Warhound sometime soon and I will take some good lessons from your work.