lördag 21 maj 2011

Reaver panel

I am back, again! =) Well after the last post I had to take care of some real life stuff, like work and such things. But now I am slowly starting to roll again. I have once again started to paint on the reaver. I started out with the inside panels with the weapon servitor. I will do the reaver as I did the warhound, first paint the insides, then put it all together and then paint it. But first I had to put some of the minor parts into bigger blocks for painting. One of the things I needed to assemble was the back parts of the reaver, i.e the reactor parts. Compared to the warhound the fit of the parts are generally much more snug and it has a more intricate design to lock all the paces in place. This however makes it much more sensitive to warpage of the parts. I had assembled the parts, dry fitting it and it looked ok and everything seamd to be aligned. To make the glue stick better to the rater flat surfaces that needed to be glued I used a modeling knife to score the surface to make the glue adhere better. However once I started to apply glue and try to stick the parts together I realized the sides where not as flat as they looked. I also attached the parts, with out glue, to the center part of the upper body. One I did this I realized that the parts did not fit quite right on to the center part. After some serious manhandling of the model I managed to get all the parts in to the right place. However the seams where not quite meeting up at this point. The solution to this was ducktape. Squeezing the model together and then wrapping it hard in ducktape made all the joints come together. I sincerely advise that if you are going to have the back part  separate for painting that you assemble it on the central part to get every thing aligned, it is not enough to mount the parts to each other with out fitting. After it was all glued together I pined it at several places to reinforce the glued joints. Next up is filling in the gaps with green stuff.

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