lördag 6 april 2024

Sydonian Skatros a.k.a the stilt man

This year I got a Sydonian Skatros from my wife for my birthday. This is somewhat of a controversial model as it seams to evoke either feelings of love or hatred for the design. It is definitely a mechanicum model with its arcane look and unconventional design. It was quickly dubbed "the stilt man" when released. I can not say that it was a favourite of mine as it is clearly an unpractical design. But once I got to sit down with it, it sort of grew on me. I used my custom ranger scheme on him with a leather suit and olive green armour. I kept all the armour, legs, and weapon in one colour which I think helps smooth things out so that the individual details of the model does not yar the eye as much. And once that happened I actually started to like the design. It is still un-practical but in a swamp or deep ash layers I could see something like this being used to keep out of the muck. But still, once you go over you ain't coming back up.

I like the back pack on this model with the extra arms holding the range finder and some new ammo clips. I think this could have been a nice addition to more of the mechanicum infantry.

I am however not a fan of the tail pipe hanging so far down his back. I can't see any point for it to be that long and it does look strange from the front.

I also started working on my last two pteraxii together with the Skatros but realized I could not keep the standar up on all three models at the same time and so I focused on the Skatros (as it was a present to be enjoyed, not rushed in a batch paint). Now that the Skatros is done I will complete the Pteraxii squad. Then we will se what is up next for the mechanicum. I still have the forge lord to complete and also a marshal as well as a Onager.

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  1. I see what you mean about 'once he goes over, he's not getting up again'. Initially I'd imagined some more normal feet and quick releases like on ski's or at least bindings like crampons or perhaps snowboards. But those are his actual legs. Perhaps some sort of telescopic capability ?

    And the thing which, in shilouette, looks unfortunately like a giant willy - why ?

    So many weird and unexplained things in the M39.

    1. At least it is an conversion to return him to normal height. Was thinking about it but as it was a present I wanted to build it as is.