lördag 1 april 2023

Dark Angels Levithan Dreadnought

So, I finished the Levethian that I got for my birthday. I must say that this is a lovely model, with great posability and a lot of character. The build process was quite straight forward but with a lot of pieces, which gives the model a lot of detail and 3D feel. I also love that there is enough extra parts in the kit to make a nice scenic base (I know, I hated these things a while back but now I love them).

I made the base as a fallen Levithan, half buried in the dirt. As I am painting the main model as a Dark angels Levithan I thought it would be thematic to make the fallen one a Night Lord.

The main dread got my usual black DA treatment. However, I think the result is heavily dependent on the brush I use. So I need to be more careful in the future if I do big black stuff. I did some free hand bone white chipped stripes and some red DA symbols. as the panels are far from square I needed to make some of them in half versions... which makes them look a lot like chaos symbols with all the pinons and blades (not so far from the truth?).

Now I am just waiting for the release of the new plastic lion to lead the forces...  or if I ever buy something more from FW I might get the heresy version...   both models look great.

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  1. I can see what you mean about the partial markings, they need a second look, but when the second look is given, for me there is no doubt whose dreadnaught it is.