torsdag 29 december 2022

King in the north WIP 2

Well, it has been Christmas, so time is at a premium. But in between eating, drinking and hanging out with family I have managed to get some painting time in on the King in the north. As it is not possible to insert the pilot after the cockpit is built for the FW knight I stated out with the insides. I painted up the internal panels as per my usual green/yellow rust primer and chipped it with black and brown. Then I went over it with brown and orange rust to give it that neglected, dirty look. The king himself got the usual blue jumpsuit and ghost green armour plates and leather boots and glows. I also added some gold just to give him that regal feel (there is also a crown on his head). All in all not a too complicated paint jobb. I did however realized that quite a lot of my paints had dried up so I had to go and get new ones...  which I could not do until after the holidays. Once everything was painted up and documented I glued the torso together (o what I miss plastics at this point). I let it dry over night before going back in and painting the whole thing in the green/yellow primer. And that is more or less where I am at the moment. I need to do the chipping and rust before picking out all the cabling etc. There is so much details on these models so that will take some time.

And I got me some presents for Christmas from the wifey in the form of a Sicaran battle tank that will also occupy me for some time. I have also promised my self that I will finish the last two sections of the Opus magna this holiday so that it is only detailing left...  so the progress with the king might be slow...   but who knows what the fickle hobby spirits will infuse me with.

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