torsdag 7 april 2022

Lieutenant, Ancient and BeLakor

This week I finished up some Ultra Smurfs that got side-lined by BeLakor, the Blade guard Lieutenant and the Ancient. The models are, like the rest of the set, beautiful sculpts that are fun to paint. Colour wise there is nothing new. I was however having some problems deciding on the colour of the Ancients robes. I was tempted to make them in brown leather like I did on the Judiciar but in the end I did them in a bone white to match the honour guard of Marneus Calgar.

Next up for the smurfs is probably the two remaining outriders so that I can paint the Chaplain on bike that I recently picked up. Either that or I need to finish the squad with plasma weapons. But before that happens I will finish up some skitarri rangers that have been hanging around for some time.

To end todays short presentation I will also present yet anther picture of BeLakor, where the colours are a bit better. For some reason the white balance was very of in the last sets which I believe has to do with the very yellow back scatter of the diodes on my backing paper which tends to make the images yellow. Well now that the natural light is better (earlier in the day and right tilt of the planet) the colours are more representative of what the model actually look like.

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  1. Especially liking the standard bearer, but they're both great.

    1. Thanks. These are sort of a love hate project. I do not subscribe to the Ultra Marines as a chapter but is more of a Dark Angles or Space Wolf type of guy lore wise, but somehow I do like the look of these marines....