lördag 31 juli 2021

Fenrir, standing skeleton

Over the last couple of weeks I have finally managed to finish up the last parts of Fenrir's upper body and internals. To be honest, it was not much that needed to be done but my time has been severely limited by work in the garden (moving some 30 tones of dirt with a wheel barrow). That and the fact that some days we had 28-30 deg C in the shadow, which made any type of work other than drinking liquid to much. The heat also played havoc with my paints. A large quantity of paints has just dried up in the heat which has also made it harder to finish anything, as well as influencing the mojo. Well now it is done and Fenrir stands. Now I need to get going the the GS work on the armour panels. I also need to sort out the arms and weapon mounts that I managed to screw up...  for some reason I manage to drill crocked holes for my arm pins that go through the magnets into the weapons, preventing the front heavy guns form breaking the magnetic lock. I am not sure how I will fix it but some how I will sort it out.

Next up is to finish the last set of the desert rats...  lets hope I remember the recipe.

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