onsdag 5 september 2018

Dominus WIP

Between working on Varangian I have also been painting on my take of the Dominus chassis. So far I have finished the sub-frame and the lower armor plates. The weapons are in the pre weathering stage and I am about to add some chevrons to the back carapace. All in all it is turning out more or less as I had envisioned. Compared to Varangian this is quick painting. I have also started to work on a conversion of the GW Dominus chassis. It will have a similar lay out as this conversion but with dual lances on the arms and rapid fire battle cannons on the shoulders. As I pointed out in a previous post I thing the original GW layout of the Dominus is to similar to the Questoris to set it apart as a heavy Knight. Since I am not gamer I do not know if it would work game vise to have four primary weapon hard points, but it does look cooler to me than the small shoulder turrets on the original kit.

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