söndag 28 maj 2017

Knight armor WIP

This week I have focused on finishing the armor plating for the Gatling Knight. I did not get as far as I would have liked so there are still the shields for the fists and some other small plates left to do. But it is coming along nicely. I did try my hand at some free hand motifs on the shoulders, beneath the chaos growths. I tried to make it look like the designs are flaking of and giving them a worn look. The growths are however in the middle of it so it might be hard to see what it is meant to be. On the left shoulder it is supposed to be a shield and on the right a winged shield with a talon. One thing that is nice with painting it like it is flaking of is that I do not need to be as good with the free hand.
As i mounted the torso to the legs I noticed a clearances issue with the ammo bands and the knee on the right leg. This is something I will have to look into and see if I can fix in a good way. Well that is it for now.

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  1. Well... this "mini" is amazing!!!! A gatling knight is pretty badass!!