söndag 26 februari 2017

WIP week

Hi there. This week/weeks has been a lot of WIP. I have not really finished anything so I have not been blogging. But I have been hybbying. I have been working on the base for the Varangian, After assembling the feet I realized that I needed to attach them to the base with out using glue, so I drilled some holes in the feet and base and attached them with M5 screws. So now I can take them off for painting. I am also still paying around with the plaster, trying to shape the terrain around the feet and the chimera. Once I am satisfied I will go back and finish the chimera. I will try to add some road whiles to the side were the tracks has been thrown off. I also need to add some debris to the inside so that one does not see the wooden peg supporting the foot.
Apart form working on the Varangian I also got inspired to get to gripes with a model that has been hanging around the to do shelf for some time. Some time back I started a trio of Knights, of which I have finished one, but I still had two in an almost built state, so I decided to get at least one of them to a state were I could start painting. I do not have any progress shoots of the green stuff stage as I was in a kind of a rush to get done.
So far I have painted the interior, and I might need to do something about the screens, but most of it is done. I have also started to paint the main gun which is band fed Gatling. This was a quite intense build and I was looking forward to see what it looked like when painted. It is still not done but one gets a hint of what it will look like. I am a bit worried that I am rushing things and doing a sloppy paint job just because I want to see what it looks like when done. So I am afraid there will be some serious touch up on this one (and there are so much details on the bands).

Well that is what I have for now. Hope fully I will make some progress so that I have some more finished pieces to show.

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