torsdag 10 mars 2016

Sydonian Dragoon / Iron Strider Ballistarii

For my birthday this year I got some Mechanicum/Skitarii models from my wife. One of the kits was the Sydonian Dragoon / Iron Strider Ballistarii. I have been a bit reserved about the design of the model but has also been convinced that it would be possible to overcome my inhibitions with some minor remodelling. My main concern about the model is the "Gimp" strapped to the model bellow the rider. I get that the mechanicum is a bit steam punk and all, but come on, it is a strider with a rider, it does not need a Gimp. So I resolutely cut the Gimp away and replaced it with the twin-linked auto cannons. In this way the model actually make some sense (there is a tap separating the top part from the leg assembly, potentially allowing top the to to traverse when it is not joined to the bottom by the Gimp assembly). By doing this I also combined the Iron Strider and the Sydonian as the model both have some heavy weapons and a rider that can carry a lance (or other small arms). All in all a very simple conversion that at-least to my taste makes it better. Now it just needs some paint.

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