söndag 20 december 2015

WIP, mechanicum stuff and knights

So, I am home for Christmas and my plan is to get something done. First off I just show the mechanicum stuff I painted during my last stay away from home. This consist of two fairly standard sicarians with dual wielding swords. I also tried a new skitarii conversion using necron parts and some of the mechanicum parts leftover from the sicarians and the ranger squad. I like the mechanicum models, but I do not think they cut it for the main stay of the skitarii troops, in this sense I am more into the necron feel of legions of cybernetic warriors/robots doing their human masters bidding. Rangers and Vanguard are to me special troops working on the fringes of the skitarii legion.
I also finshed and assembled the battle robot and as I took the pictures I realised I forgot to heat stain the flamers so I need to go back and do that.

Apart from this I have worked a bit on the Knights and mainly on the Gatling totting guy, the War Monger. I added a top handle to the gun so that it can be carried in one hand when not used. Also added the receiver ports for the ammo feeds. The I started building the ammo containers that will be hanging off the back. Since it is quite a massive gun I did not want the ammo containers to be to small. I am pretty ok with how they look at the moment, I am however not to sure about the vents on the ammo exit ports. I might need to adjust them so that the coolers are not so far in. There is space for ammo to pass but the eye makes it look like there is a collision. I am not user how much of this will actually be visible but if I should do it I suppose I should do it right. Next up is the ammo feeds, there will be two of them. I have actually started with this process but that will be another post, especially on the topic of making curved plasticard things.

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