söndag 15 februari 2015

WIP update

I have been painting a bit on the last Myrmidon but I have not made great progress. I have base painted the body and leg sections but the going is slow. I do not seam to have the drive to finish it. Instead I have been fiddling a bit with another of my long running builds, the Opus Magna. It has been hanging around its table for some time and not much has been done, mostly because I ran out of polystyrene sheets. Since I was not happy with some of the things I had done and I could not change it due to lack of material nothing much was done on this model for about six months. Now I have finally bought some more polystyrene so now I can go back and change the parts that I do not like. I will also take the opportunity to change how Opus is put together so that it becomes more stable. Instead of hanging everything on the elevators as it was done before I have now sectioned it into three stories separated by large solid sheets. In this way I can build everything to be flat against these sheets which hopefully will make it easier to put it together with out large gaping holes. I have also started to attach some GW parts to give it some details. There is still a tremendous amount of work left to do one this but I am slowly working on it.

As I am almost done with my Fallen Dark Angels assault squad I thought I would add a tactical squad in the same style so bought some chaos space marines for this purpose. The base of my Fallen Dark Angles are the models from the Dark Vengence box, but as these are either loyalist Dark Angels or mutated chaos marines I am not really happy with their cohesiveness. If I could afford it I would go for some FW 30k marines, but as I am not made of money I will have to stick to the plastic chaos marines and just skip the horned helmets. The current era monastic monk/knight Dark Angels in robes do not look very intimidating to me so my idea  is that the pre-heresy Dark angels should look more like Gothic plate armour painted black to set them apart from the crusader style of the Black templars. Sadly the photo of this model did not turn out great due to the lighting so it looks more messy then it does IRL.

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