lördag 13 september 2014

Hell Lord; WIP

My mojo has been low lately when it comes to building. I cant seam to get enough inspiration to make huge progress with my large builds. Neither the Opus nor the Hell Lord has really moved forwards in months. As they are large and expensive projects I do not want to rush them and do some thing that I am not happy with. But I thought that I would at least give it a try. The problem with the Hell Lord has been the legs and the leg armour. As this is the heart of the conversion, putting the Lord Of Skulls on legs, I need to get them to look god. This is the third iteration of the leg armour and I think I am getting there. It it always hard to get an over all feel for hove the model will look when finished without assembling it. But once assembled the painting will be hard. The compromise is blue tack, but it is not very good at holding large heavy pieces together.  As seen in the pictures it will also have wings eventually. I have dry fitted them but never managed to get a blue tack assembly of the whole model with the wings. In the pictures only the small ones are on as the large wing blades keep falling off. Well this was just a short WIP to show what I am doing and that I have not disappeared.

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