tisdag 9 juli 2013

Dropship update

My time has been a bit constricted lately due to the painting of our house. It is strange how things turn out. I spent one week on painting the house with the base layer and two days for the second coat. The last two days where 11 and 14 hours shifts but I am still surprised that it went so much faster the second time. Well, now that it is done I can work some more on the Dropship ( I re-designated the storm bird as I was not comfortable with the name). I have build most of the custom parts and are now starting to fill in gaps with green stuff. It is getting quite massive and I had to do a test assembly to see that it balances on the flight stand. It is actually quite sensitive so all the major parts has to be on and at mostly the correct position for it to stay level on the stand. Once al parts are even and smooth I will start with a second layer of plasticard to give the surfaces some texture and detail, then it is of to paint. I am pleased that my learning curve with pasticard is quite steep and I do not feel as uncomfortable as I did in the beginning with cutting out parts and scratch building what I need. I am still using bits and pieces from the plastic kits when I can as they have a level of detail I have not achieved yet. All in all I am pleased with the progress and the result. It could have been going faster but I do have to get the house done before autumn and that means that it has priority when the whether allow for working on it.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Love it! Keep up the great work!

  2. Really awesome. Looks like one of the drop ships from Starship Troopers.