onsdag 24 april 2013

Desertbalde update

I have been busy at work and with the house now that the snow finally has gone. But I have managed to get some hours in on the Desertblade build. Once I got the hang of working with plastic card things moved along nicely. I wanted to keep as much of the detail of the original as possible so I keep the amount of plasticcard as low as possible but I still had to make a new top to the hull as I lowered the turrets position and extended the rear deck. Once the plasticard was attached I added some bolts buy using a wire and some paint. The wire picks up the same amount each time and you can just add it as a drop. Two or three times of this will create a raised bump. Much easier than making plastic nuts, especially as they should be rounded on marine vehicles. Once all the parts where assembled I gave them a coat of black and started painting. As I dry brush my models I have learned not to paint to large surfaces at a time as the drybrush will get clogged and you might get lazy if the areas are to big and not work them over properly. Currently the base colour is 15 layer of paint before adding detail and battle damage and weathering. The turret is now painted as well as the centre part of the hull. I am starting out on the track covering and the side plates, after this I will add details and such before starting on the smaller parts and final assembly. I do like how it is coming together. I suppose this will take me some time to finish. Then I have some marines to paint, but I have already come up with the next conversion project, it will be a dropship, smaller than a thunder hawk but larger than a thunder chick. We will see when that happens, hopefully the Desertblade will be done by then.

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  1. Ah; I've had a better look at what you've done. Very nice, you've obviously put a lot of thought into what you wanted and what you had to do to get it. Quite inspirational.

  2. My main idea was to make it a bit like the marine predator... and use as little as possible of plasticard as this is my first time with plasticard. Generally I wanted to move from the second (post) world war tanks of the imperial guard and more to something more modern. Glad that you like it. In the end I think it ended up a mix of the Merkava and a T90.