söndag 25 november 2012

Forge Mauler

My work on the Forge Mauler Fiend continues. For this model I wanted to try something new. My previous models had been painted in a worn color and then battle damaged. This time I wanted to try it the other way around, make a bare rusted metal and then apply a flaked paint scheme to this.. So I stared out with a black base coat, then I drybrushed it white metal. After this I applied some inks to get a deeper rusted colors as a base. Then I added the brons trim to the edges. After this I drybrushed the whole model from a dark  tin bitz all through to mitrhil silver. Once at this point I had a model looking suitably rusted metal. Then I applied some chaos black in patchy areas on the armor plating. This was then painted in the edges with codex grey and fortress grey to make it look like flaked black paint, pealing of from the bare metal beneath. Later on I decided that the demon flesh should be red. This will tie it together with my Khorne berserkers and my Fallen Dark Angels.

This model will be played as an alternative between a mauler and forge fiend, depending on what is needed. Later on I would probably add a pure Forge fiend if my funding allows. I really like these models, highly detailed and great looking. However, the pose is static so one would not have to many of them with out it starting to look odd, or one would have some serious modeling to do to alter the pose.

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