lördag 6 november 2010

Moving on from the head

I have finished the head of Unbearable Desire, at least for now. I might go back there and do some touch up later on. I put some pictures up here of what it looks like. The color scheme is greenish. I know that it might look slightly Nurgle but the titans will be more towards Khorne in the end.  I also started on the interior of the main upper body. I decided to make it in the same green as the rest of the body. I am looking forward to putting the body together so that I can start with the outside. I still haven’t seen one of these titans live so it will be interesting.  I also have to start with the assembly of the feet and legs. From what I have read on other WIP blogs this might be quite tricky. My main worry is how much to pin, and where.  I will have the foot up on its tows and I am a bit unsure of how much the araldite will take and how much extra support it needs. In any case I will glue first and pin later to give the glue as much strength as possible. Then when the glue is dry I will drill the holes for the pins and glue them in. This also goes for the upper body.  It will take some time to do but I think this will make for the strongest bonds. In the end I think the resin itself is the week point and I might have to think about strengthen it a bit.

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  1. Sv: Tack vad snäll du är(=!, Jag försöker att inte bry mig om de kommentarerna(;.

    Ja, backträningen är verkligen det som är bäst + trappträningen, det är ju lite svårt nu på vintern, fast det finns ju möjligheter på gym och så(=!

    Ps, Coola "gubbar", duktigt av dig att kunna fixa dem så snygga(=!