söndag 30 januari 2011


So I finally got around to painting the last interior detail of Unbearable Desire, the wall separating the reactor control room from the elevator room. Here I opted to paint the serial number of the Warhound, 2089 on the inside of the reactor room and I also painted the titans name in runes above the entrance on the outside.. After this part was done I attached the rear part of the upper body to the front part and put the wall in. At this point I could attach the upper body to the legs, and it did not fall over. =). As I saw this I decided to magnetize the arms and weapons. I drilled out the arm stub and attached a 10 mm diameter neodym magnet with a 4 mm hole and a 4 mm iron rod in the recess. Then I drilled out a 4 mm hole in each weapon and a small 10 mm diameter recess at the bottom of the socket. In the recess I glued in a iron disc.Once all parts where fixed I could not resist to assemble the titan. I know that it is unpainted and a lot of the smaller parts are missing, but it is the first time it stands more or less ready for battle. =)

I have also started to assemble the Reaver titan's legs. I started with the magnetization of the outer armor plates and now I am moving on towards cutting the pistons to the right length. I will keep the lower leg lose at the moment and only glue the toes, and piston guards in the right position. This gives me the possibility to paint the inner leg before assembly, which is good since the outer armor is removable. =). I don't understand why people say that the Reaver legs are easier than the Warhound, I find these more complex and not as flexible as the war hound feet. Well I will try to squeeze the pose that I want out of them and if it does not work I will have to use a more standard way to assemble them. I also have to think about pinning. I have not had any problems with the epoxy so far but it is not worth taking any chances with the legs.

I will probably take a break from the Unbearable Desire to work on the other titans, so that I get them to more or less the same state before starting to paint the armor. I still have some green stuffing to do. This will in principle mean that I have to paint every thing that I have done again =) but on another titan. We will see if I can keep away from the armor.

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