fredag 14 januari 2011

Dark Angels from the Past

Here are some of my Dark Angels space marines. This was the second army I painted (the first was a Space Wolves army). These models where pained during the mid 90th. After finishing my spacewolfs I wanted to paint something in a diffrent colour and to try out some new techniques. The space wolves where mostly dry brushed, while here I tried a combo of drybryshing and layering to get nice blends between diffrent shades.  The colour scheme fn the inner cirlce is sligthly different from what is common today. Instead of bonewhite robes I have used purple. This was inspiered by a diorama by Mike McVey that appeard in the first Blood Angel / Dark Angel codex (Angels of Death) . The Raven wing comander on a bike was made before the release of the Raven wing master mounted on a land speeder or the subsequent master on a jetbike. The chaplain on a bike is part of the raven wing masters comand squad.

 This is one of  the first Death wing terminators that I painted. It does not have the typical bone white canopy that is seen today, but is based on the original Death Wing saga told in the one of the Spacehulk rule books, (can't remember wich) where the story of the death wing is told. In this case story a squad of terminators return to their home world to find it overrun by a genestealer cult. Their armour is the pre-heresy black. As they knew that they were not going to survive the cleansing of their planet they washed their armour in lime paint in preparation for death as was their custom. Doing this over a black armour would not give you a bone white colour, so I choose a more grey/black/white combo.
 This is my master of the Death wing, the first terminator captain released by Games Workshop. It might not be as detailed as later versions nor as dynamicaly posed, but I like it. Especially because of his heroic stand against a genestealer hoard (where single handedly drove off 30 or so genestealers!) during a battle in the mid 90's. He could withstand a serious amount of damage under the rules back then! 

My first sculpting attempts where made on this dreadnought. The imperial eagle on the leg and shoulder is made with miliput. First I made a mould from the standard coming with the model. When this was dry I used it to mould wet miliput on to the model. So I didn't really sculpt it, just made it a bit special. I also added an extension to the assault cannon to make it a bit longer.

These are some of my scouts. They don't have a particulary story, but I still thought that I would show them. I remember that I was quite pleased with them at the time when I painted them, right at the end of my active work on the army. It is still not fully painted! I have some scouts, attack bikes and land speeders left to finish, as painting has been slow going for the last 15 years for this army. /M

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