lördag 8 januari 2011

Shin guard

Well, I could not help myself. After painting a bit on the legs I got an urge to try the painting scheme that I had in mind for the armor plating. But since I am still working on the green stuff mods and I had decided to hold of on this until I was sure I did not want to add something more so I was not sure I really should do this. Well I have one more titan I thought and did a quick base spray of one of the shin guards. I had an idea of having the armor in a base green and then having a blue-white striped pattern on half of the guard. The blue-white paint should be chipped and pealing off, showing the green armor beneath. So to do this I first painted the armor plate in the same way as the rest of the green areas on the titan.
I then used masking tape, teared into small pieces, that would be where the paint has pealed. I then painted a sand-bone-white over the green area and tape patches. Then I striped the white area with masking tape, removing every other stripe. I intentionally left a gap
between the stripes to make room for a dividing line between the blue or white fields. After this it was just to paint the in the blue stripes, re-attach the masking tapes over the blue and painting some metal stripes in-between. Then it was just to carefully peal all the masking tape away. Unfortunately some of the base coat came off the resin, I dont know if this was because I started painting before the base coat was really dry of if it was due to the thickness of the paint covering the tape. Well, it achieved the effect I was looking for and I can always cover up the patches where the resin is showing. I just hope this is not a sign that the base-coat has a generally bad adherence to the resin, which would indicate a repaint at some point. I have not finished the rest of the border and the chaos mark, since I just wanted to test the pealed paint thing at this point. I am rather pleased with the result so far, but I will have to finish the piece to see how it will turn out in the end.

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