söndag 16 oktober 2016

WIP: Varangian insides

This week there really was not much time for doing any hobby stuff. But I managed to get some time in with the Varangian to finish the internal build. So there you have it, All the pieces are built, now they should be green stuffed and have a lot of detail added. This also means that I can move forward with the actual build of the Varangian as I do not need to fit stuff inside and hence, the torso can start to bulk out. There is only one thing that I have not decided on. As the roof is not glued down there is no connection between the shoulders apart form the walls. I think the walls will be enough once all the shoulder parts are glued in, they make up quite a solid network of resin. I had prepared to add a cross member going from one side to the other with a threaded rod that could be removed. This will however pierce the mechanicum panel at the top, so I am a but out on if I should add it or not. I could always add some "hocks" to the side of the roof that goes down over the sides to keep them from bulging outward. I will let it sit or the week as I will not have time to work on it and decide how to proceed next weekend.

onsdag 12 oktober 2016

3D follow up

I have now painted my first 3D printed test interior for the imperial knights (very sloppy 30 min paint job as it will not be used). One thing that is directly obvious with the print is that the layers are clearly visible on any "smooth" surfaces, especially when dry brushing. Thing are a little better if there are lots of details etc. This is a raw print, i.e. I have not done any post processing to smooth it out or to enhance the detail quality. From a distance it looks ok, and I think that with some filing and green stuffing this could be a great method to at least get a skeleton in for custom work, which would help a lot with symmetry, scale etc.
Next up is to change the nozzle of the printer to a smaller bore and see if this helps with the detail level. I will probably only print parts of it again for comparison. Other things I could mess around with are a tone of settings for the printer and also the calibration of distance from the base to the nozzle. In the end it might also be that the high impact polystyreen is not an ideal plastic for printing and that a "smoother" plastic would give better results. This is also something I might try if I have the time.

I will also play around a bit with the design, keep the parts that came out ok and redesign the parts where the printer could not get the details right. I will also try to make it more of a one piece to help keep things in the right place. For final design though, one I know that everything fits nicely I might break it up again for ease of painting.

I will also try out some hybrid schemes with details like borders, insignia, bolts and such printed and then glued to plasticard, Similar to what I did for the shield of the close combat knight but more consistently (on the shield I only used printed nuts)

måndag 10 oktober 2016

WIP, 3D print

So, after finishing the design of the Knight interior I spent the evening having the printer push it all out. Sadly it does not really fit into the Knight, so some measurements needs to be adjusted. There are other things to That I will change for the next run. One thing I noticed on the printer though is that the calibration of the nozzle is really important as it tends to smear the layer below if not done correctly. I might also try a smaller size nozzle and see if that improves the detail level. All in all it was a fun experiment and show that it is possible to print decent structures for modeling. In the end I think a combination between plasticard, green stuff and 3D printing might be the way to go, where each medium has it own strengths.

söndag 9 oktober 2016

Unexpected developments

Well, I have been thinking about sculpting vs CAD + 3D printing lately, as I do not feel that the things I sculpt is not really sharp enough. So the other day a friend of mine said that I could borrow his 3D printer as he was not going to use it for a month or so, which means I get to play around with it a bit. So I decided that since I already have built the interior to the knights I might as well take these pieces, measure them and put them into CAD. A few hours later I have some sort of preliminary rendering, now I just need to test print them and see how it looks and also how it fits into the knight. I will get back with the results. And if it turnes out to work, I will just have to design the rest of the pieces that I have now sculpted for the knights and I will have a means to rapidly turn out knight interiors. In this case I should also probably by some of the FW pilots and make sure that they fit in the throne.

söndag 2 oktober 2016

Fallen / Pre heresy Dark Angels and Varangian insides

After finishing the War Dancer I cleaned the palette by painting a Pre heresy / fallen Dark Angel. I find this paint scheme quite easy and relaxing and I can do a model in about two to three hours Sadly the camera does not do them justice as it has a hard time with the colors with the lighting that I use. The black comes out to shiny compared to IRL, and it pics up some of the pigments better than others, making the transitions look rougher than what they are.

I have also worked a little bit on the Varangian, filling in the last blocks of the inside and cutting them down to fit with the lid on. So now I can have everything in place on the inside and still close the lid. That means I can start with the detailing, finishing this part of the build, not that I will be done in a hurry, but it was one of the big questions marks on this build. The rest of the modifications will be pretty basic with GS sculpting and some minor re-shuffling of some pieces. 

tisdag 27 september 2016

Fallen Imperial War Dancer; CCW Knight

After the last blog post I got inspired and decided to finish of the CCW knight, aka War Dancer, with the missile launcher on the back, the melta guns and off course, the pilot. i think it turned out ok. It is not the best conversion work as I might have rushed it a bit to get to painting (or I am no better). This also goes for part of the paint work. From a distance it looks great, and also under natural light, but when photographed at close up one can see that it is not as neat as it might have been. This might have to do with me finding it harder to focus my eyes when painting and I thing the lighting in the hobby room needs some attention, or it is just me getting old and sloppy.

Well that is what it is. It will be better next time.

When it comes to the over all pose I am happy with the leg conversion. Just turning the joints at the hips upside down worked well. There where some issues with the pistons and cables, and there was absolutely no room for the banner but it gives the knight a different look, taking it away from the standard model. I think it looks more like the FW knights as the gate is more natural and it also give the knight a more menacing look.The addition of chains to the underside of the shoulder guard also worked out fine. I am however not to sold on the arcs with the spikes. I thin k the work on the shoulders and legs but the set on the hips really interferes with the torso. In a way that is good as it prevents the top form falling of due the imbalance caused by the shield. Which by the way is magnetized as I did not know if it would look to much out of place. The tentacles hanging from the back are also a bit out of place, and attaching them to the exhaust stacks were not such a good idea as it made the it hard to get them into the right place which in turn makes it hard to mount and remove the back carapace. The halberd sword turned out great and I think it was a good idea not to have two of them as I initially planed. Once again it could have been made neater, and I might have to remount the back balance as it is a bit squired.

With some hind sight I might have done somethings differently but over all I think it will make a worth addition to the Northern Ghosts, or the Legio Umbra Borealis.

söndag 25 september 2016

CCW knight, almost there

Almost there, there is not much left now on this close combat knight. All in all I am happy with the result. The shield is not as good as it could have been, but with paint is it looking better. I am tempted to switch to 3D printing instead of building stuff my self, as it will look more symmetric and generally more professional, It will however remove the hands on creative process in building stuff, and if I don´t practice I will not get better. And in the end I am just doing this for my self so the process of building and painting and in the end knowing that I did it all my self, is the real treat. And if someone else get inspired or enjoy the things I do, so much the better.

I will be back with pictures of the finished model shortly.