söndag 18 oktober 2020

Deardtober stretch WIP

After finishing my Dreadtober pledge a bit a head of time I decided to stretch the goal of this month to include my Armiger Hellverins that have been in construction/paint for over two years (if not more). I already had them assembled and painted but one of them were missing the armor plating so I deiced that it was time to get it done so that I can move on to the Warglaives (yeay, another six armigers to build and paint). The paint scheme is the traditional olive green base and blue white markings. It is getting difficult to keep the different patterns I have done apart so I need to be careful not to repeat my self. This time I went with one full half side in checkers. I have also used one of the siege cannons from the Dominus knight to spice things up a bit. I really think GW could have done more with the knights army in terms of weapon options and freedom to equip them. But since I am mostly doing this as a collection, even though I do want it to be as colose to the rules/fluff as possible, the rule of cool sometimes takes precedence. 

So that is the second part of Dreadtober done. Now I just need to finish the six bases. I could go for monotone gravel but I thought I would take the opportunity to add some more structure to them. 

onsdag 14 oktober 2020

Dreadtober dread finished

Ops, I finished my Dreadtober dread, the Custodes Achillus dreadnought, early. If only I could have this pace on my other projects I would get so much more done, not that it would make a dent in the to do pile as I am sure I would manage do fill it up at the same pace anyway. Well, this was such a fun model to paint that I could not stop, I just had to keep going. All in all it was not that long a project... 10-12 h or so in total. I am really happy with how the metal turned out, it almost lock like a NMM attempt even though it is just drybrushing with some final edge highlights. One problem with the edge highlights is that it turned the rest of the model dark, or at least the appearance became darker as I added some distinct shiny parts. The overall simplicity of the paint scheme, gold and silver metal, meant that once I had the base coat of metals down there really was not that much more to do. Just paint some blue stones and I was done. The base was also pretty simple with some metal, stone and skulls. Not to advanced and was quick to drybrush.

My Custodes "army" is not that large but I like how they look together.

This rather quick build and paint job has left me with out a dreadtober project for the rest of the month. So I will add a stretch goal. I have for some time worked on a gaggle of Armiger for my Northern Knights. They have been sitting around my desk and to do pile for some years know so I might just take the opportunity to include them in the challenge. There is just the one left of the initial six Hellverins and this one will be done at the end of the month if not sooner as I only have the armour left. I will also do all six bases. That should leave me enough to do... and if I for some reason finish these off I have more on the to do pile so I am sure I can keep my self occupied.

söndag 11 oktober 2020

Dreadtober WIP 2, color test

Today I finished of the white metal and gave the gold armor plates their first two coatings of drybrushing. I also painted the shoulders crimson. This concludes the drybrushing stage. Next upp will be highlighting and adding details using normal brushwork. I also did a color test photo to make sure the colors do not deviate from my previous Custodes models. It is always difficult to scale a paint scheme as the larger/smaller surfaces will look differently even if you used the same recipe. I was afraid that I would not get enough contrast on the gold plates and that they would look to flat and homogeneous. But over all I am happy and will move on from here.

lördag 10 oktober 2020

Dreadtober WIP 1

First post in the Dreadtober challenge. In my last posts I had the dread soaking in its washing up liquid, making sure that all the release agents are gone form the resin before I start painting. First thing after the soak is a good wash off in the shower, making sure that I do not replace the release agent with dish soap. Once washed I laid out all the parts on a towel to make sure that everything came out of the soak and wash and that nothing was missing. I left if do try like this over night. Then I started with cutting all the parts of from their supports and cleaning up mold lines and ports. This is a bit fiddly, especially the ports, as these can be sitting in some really trick places to access. Once that was done I needed to figure out how the model comes together...  as the model has been hanging around the do to pile for some time the instructions seams to have gone missing. There are a lot of parts in this model, in contrast to the GW equivalents. This makes it a bit fiddly to assemble but it also gives you great poasabillity.

When I was waiting for the pieces to dry after the rinse and wash I decide that I would do a scenic base. I usually do not do that, but lately I have sort of gotten used to the idea (as I am not gaming with the models the problem I have with the models dragging around scenery all over the battlefield is not so big  anymore). I really did not have a great idea of what it should look lite so I grabbed some random stuff from the bits boxes and glued them to the base. I went for a low wall at the front of the base that the dreadnought could rest on foot on, but the rest is more or less filler.

So I had a scenic base which means I needed to build the dread to fit the base and still look coll. I went for a classic hero pointing towards something while resting his legs on something pose. This meant that I first needed to build the back leg to get the height of the pelvis before I could build the bent leg. Once I knew what the height should be I pinned the front foot to the base at the appropriate place and built the rest of the leg to line up whit the straight led. The legs where then attached to the pelvis which determined where the back leg ended up on the base. Once this was set I also pinned the back leg to the base. In this way I can remove the Dread from the base for separate painting but it will still go back in the right position.

The arms was I bit tricky as they consist of so many parts and I needed a log of dry fitting before I knew in what order to assemble them and at what angles (in the end it truned out the I just built both of them more or less straight with out bends or twists). I also heated one of the fingers on the left hand so that I could make it point forward instead of beaning in a half grip position.

Once I was happy with the parts I broke it down into sub parts for painting. After spraying the pieces with a black hobby paint from the local hardware store I painted all the pieces with a watered down abaddon black to make sure there were no places where the light resin shines through. I also painted on some browns and oranges where I will have white metal. This helps give life to the metal and make it look more natural. Then it is just drybrushing, I started with a bronze color, covering the whole model. Then I went over the joints etc with three shades of silver metal. After this stage all the pieces was washed under a faucet with maximum flow to remove any paint dust from the drybrushing. This prevents frosting, especially with the amount of drybrushing required for this model..

And that is about as far as I got on the first day of this challenge. Next step will be to go back over all the silver metal with washes and inks to give it even more depth before drybrushing again. We will see when that gets done.

torsdag 8 oktober 2020

The embryo of Dreadtober and some test Necrons

As they say, it is that time of year,... again. Dreadtober, and I thought that this year I was going to participate. Omnissiah only knows how much I have on the to do pile, so entering this friendly activity to get a dread, or similar sized model, done from the pile seamed like nice idea. I have several knights, titans, dreadnoughts and robots lying around in the pile so I had to pick something. Over the last couple of years I have received gifts from the missus in the form of Custodes models which she thinks I do pretty well, so in one of my last orders to FW I also squeezed in a Custodes Achillus dreadnought that I thought would go well with these models. It has now been sitting in the pile for some time so I thought this would be the perfect time to bring it out and get it started.

So far it is still in the embryo stage as seen in the photo, but over the coming days it will see the light of day, cleanly scrubbed and prepared for painting.

While waiting for the mold release to dissipate from the dread I got the urge to do some test Necrons. Since I have bought several of the GW boxes that contain Necrons, but not for the sake of the Necrons as such, these models have just be sitting around in the boxes. So I felt that perhaps I should paint them, if not for an army but just to do something different. But what color scheme would I do? In Judge Dread (with Sylvester Stallone) there is a scene with an old combat robot that I really liked as a kid. It is kind of yellow, beat up and rusty and it was actually the inspiration for my Desert Eagles space marines.

As I really liked the rusted metal look I managed to achieve on my Penitent engine so I thought that the Necrons models would perhaps look good in a similar paint scheme. So I quickly build a pair of them (I have lost the assembly instructions so I winged it), sprayed them and set about painting them. A few hours later they were done and I think I got the rusted metal looking pretty good. I added some green glowing sections to the chest, legs and shield that I am not so sure that I like. Over all the models look ok but I am not sure, perhaps it is better to just do the power blades and eyes green and leave the rest as metal.

But these will stay like this for now, since the next project will be the Custodes dread for the Dreadtober challenge.

måndag 21 september 2020


The day of days is here...  the legacy interface is gone and I am forced to use the new blogger to make a post. So I apologize in advance if this will look strange. I still have not figured out how to do a lot of the things as easily as I did in the old version and some things are just impossible to do. But then again they might have solved some of the major bugs.

But enough about that. This blog post is about my latest additions to my ultra smurfs, this time in the shape of some suppressors from the Shadowspear box. Sadly they are not individual sculpts which is a shame as there are only three of them. Apart from that I do like them if you cut away the death traps under their feet. Not sure what they are supposed to do? If landing needs these to cushion them a normal marine would also need them if jumping of a wall etc...  and I really can't imagine them moving around with them still under their feet. So off they went. I am also a bit confused about how they are supposed to fly. All other marine jump troops have these beefy engines on their back, but these just appear to have some extra heat exhausts on the back pack and the graves. I suppose that it is some sort of anti-gravity thing to be stealthy. But if one disregard some of more obscure functionality of the model I really like them. The guns look good and the belt-feed looks nice. I was not sure about the small wings in the beginning but I do like them, some how they make the tropes more flyie. 

Color-wise they are painted in my usual take on the smurfs with a dark blue (kantor blue ontop of a white metal base) steel color. Trim is golden and the right shoulder is cream white with a blue ultima. I also added some line trimming and other insignia on the armor using a more light blue color  to give them some contrast but still staying in the blue. The tips of the guns got some heat staining just to keep with the belt-feed. I also dusted up the lower part of the legs a bit to indicate that they actually do trudge around a bit now and then just like the rest of the boys in blue.

The only tricky part with the build was to get the backpacks attached to the flying stands. The point of contact is small and the clear plastic does not melt as well as the normal grey stuff so the bond is weaker (I use polystyreene cement).

All in all am starting to get attached to these blue men. I have not been a great fan of the baby blue standard color but these guys do look like mean.

P.S: Placing the images are a pain in the A with this new interface, the pictures are jumping around all over the place, covering text and escaping their area of containment so that you have to chase them all over the post. It was bad before too, but not this bad. The drag and drop of images is at least back again so I guess it is always something.

lördag 12 september 2020

Penitent Engine

We continue with the additions to my slowly growing collection of Adepta Sororitas. This time it is the Penitent Engine form the Sisters of Battle box. I have never really been a fan of the model, not even the old metallic one as it think it is to front heavy. I also sort of have problem with the lore. I can understand repentia, falgellants etc as these are individuals who are in-principle executed on the battle field. But putting a convict into a battle engine with the purpose of getting them killed is a bit strange. I would guess that you would want the larger damage dealers to survive? But be that as it may. Accepting the concept of strapping some to a close combat machine and sending them into the fray to get killed as a punishment I can not still get around the new VR version of the model. What is the purpose of strapping them to the engine, sending them onto the battle field, with out the ability to influence their own fate, and let them watch something else horrible on TV instead of what is going on around them? If you just wanted to scare them with a horror flick you could just do it at home, in the cellar, and then just cut their throats as the credentials roll...

So, I do not like the new pilots and how they are mounted to the model. The original positions makes the model even more front heavy. So I decided to repose the pilot so that I could mount it further into the casket opening. I bent the arms a bit by just bending the plastic. Then I cut the shoulders back a bit so that I could mount the arms along the sides instead of our in the crucifix form. I swapped the head for one of the seraphim heads without a helmet and sculpted some green stuff across the chest to make the pilot more female.

I decided to paint it as a rusted metal with out paint or other adornments to represent the engine itself being ancient, recovered after each execution, to receive a new occupant. The sister/pilot got the same purple robes that I use on the rest of the army. I tired to get the flames at the top of the model to look good but I can not do these "effects" so that they fit with the rest of my style. But aside from that I am happy with the model. I will most likely not make another one though.